blue valley farmers' assn​.​, EP

by blue valley farmer

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released October 1, 2010

cody, joey, hilary



all rights reserved


blue valley farmer Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

BVF is the folk project/songwriting outlet of Cody Ingram.

It wouldn't exist without the support of friends and fellow musicians (it's these collaborations and an honest sense of community that make playing worthwhile).

BVF is currently recording!

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Track Name: "and yet, it moves."
"...and yet it moves."
(i can see it with my own two eyes)
i despise all the seeing who are blind.
i'm talkin' to you, you german shepard,
who's predecessors denied me.
i am a real man! of real accounts!
(not of mystery, not fantasy, not what's real to me)
as you can see, "through here," clearly.
romans, countrymen, godly men:
lend me, then, your eyes,
if your ears be committed to fears...
"it moves."
and if it behooves you to not know your master
(if the questions move you,
then move a little faster)
i understand.
(no, no, i understand..
just don't put that shit on me.)
Track Name: out midwest
fuck everybody out in the midwest
if it helps you help yourself or be your best.
because we wouldn't want anyone to know
that that smile is tended to twice a day
and hard to uphold!

but i know, m'lady,
it drives you crazy to be constantly catering.
and i know, m'lady,
it drives you crazy to expect nothing
and still feel like you're waiting.

fuck everything you said in the midwest
and fuck all we wrote in bed
(that'd probably be best).
you say you have a hard time recalling anyhow...
so forget me - chicago's exception to the rule.
forget me, the ramblin' gamblin' lovers fool.
forget me because it's easy.

fuck everything you read in the midwest
if it helps make sense in your head
the heartbreak you dealt instead.
and i may not be your bobby d.
i may not be your allen g.
i may not be your ken kesey.
i may not be neal cassady
but these visions are visions of cody
and they're as real as real can be.
Track Name: bluebirds/bears
"my manners, abominable at times, can be sweet.
as i grow older, i become this drunk. why? because i
like ecstasy of the mind. i'm a wretch but i love love."

brew my manners into a tea
and in time you will find my tea tastes like coffee.
and honey i put honey in my coffee.
why? because i am not a boy but i am a bear.
and the whole world is my picnic to pick through.
the whole world is my picnic and i pick you...

as you encircle me, entirely, with your scissortale wings
(they bring me wander) as i wonder:

"do bluebirds play with bears?"

like sweet trees play with hungry bees,
towering, showering, empowering...
like she plays with me.

and when the moment sings, she really sings,
"i'm a wretch but i love love."